Work Place Wellness

Good health equals good business.

Wellness in the workplace is fast becoming an essential part of managing and motivating staff. With increasing awareness of what good health is and the rising costs associated with illness throughout your business, it now makes more sense than ever to create a positive healthy lifestyle culture within the workplace. has developed a range of services to improve employee health and wellness awareness. Our mini-seminars are specifically designed for the workplace. Our seminars are presented by qualified coaches and last for approximately one hour. This includes about 20 minutes for questions and discussion. Your staff will also receive an information pack relevant to the topic.
According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), there are many benefits to the employee and the organisation for having a workforce wellness promotion. The table below shows just some of the benefits. Workplace health and wellness programs should be a part of the overall company strategy for a healthy vibrant workplace. Workplace health & wellness programs are different from the traditional health. The purpose of a workplace health and wellness program is to offer a comprehensive health & wellness service for all employees to engage with. At we are passionate about promoting a healthy active lifestyle within the work place. offers wellness programs for businesses across the country. We can help employees improve their eating habit during their intense work schedules and at home and also help increase their physical activity through daily exercise and company weekend sports/fitness activities. Healthy employees are happy employees. will help to create a healthy and happy work environment in your business. Increasing the health of your employees will bring company productivity and effectiveness to a new level. Most of today’s work environments can be somewhat sedentary so, it is crucial that your employees have knowledge of how to eat healthy while making the most of the environment. Finding out how to create an easy sustainable healthy meal on a budget will have a huge influence on the wellness and energy levels of your employees. Healthy eating will have a positive effect their work life by increasing energy levels, productivity, concentration and much more.


Regardless of the business big or small, the health of a business’s employees is rapidly becoming a key factor to progress. Employee sick leave & absenteeism is becoming a huge problem. Absenteeism from work can be damaging to the economy as well as impacting on an employee’s welfare and wellness. It is a thorn in the side for a business that affects productivity, profitability and competitiveness.


According to the SFA {small forms association) and IBEC, large businesses the average absenteeism rate is 2.34% or 5.4 days where as in businesses with less than 50 employees the rate is 2.06% or 4.7 days. IBEC has estimated that the cost of absenteeism to the Irish business is about €1.5 billion per year. To improve the health and wellness of our employees we must provide good working conditions and with that will increase morale, motivation and performance. Participation in activities through a workplace health program allows employees to increase their knowledge of health and wellness as well as build a social support amongst fellow employees and family.

Employees often see a workplace health programme as a wonderful investment made by their employer towards their wellness in return this has a direct impact job satisfaction and morale.


To the employee

  • a vibrant and healthy work environment
  • enhanced self-esteem
  • reduced stress
  • improved morale
  • increased job satisfaction
  • increased skills for health protection
  • improved health



To the organisation

  • a well-managed health and wellness programme
  • a positive and caring image
  • improved staff morale
  • reduced staff turnover
  • reduced absenteeism
  • increased productivity
  • reduced health care/insurance costs

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