Unique Education Program

Unique Education Program

Education is key to long lasting results. You go around and around in circles trying to make the changes you feel you need. You’ll make some small changes to your body based on your regime but evidentially the changes rarely last. The key to long lasting sustainable change is education and that’s what we do. We educate you every step of the way on your journey. Regardless if its weight loss or weight gain.

Personalised Nutrition Program

Personalised Nutrition Program

Sometimes to change our behaviours to dietary habits is sufficient enough to change our whole lifestyle. Food is known now more than ever to be for body and mind. It can heal our whole personality by causing a behavioural change. Your nutrition plan is personally tailored to your body composition & goal.

Personalised Exercise Program

Personalised Exercise Program

Life is motion and we are made to move. We will get you out of your sedentary lifestyle and you will feel your every muscle work when you are working out. Of course, you will be educated to knowing and understanding which exercises are useful for which groups of muscles. It’s that simple.

Regular Body Composition

Regular Body Composition

What you are made up of is vital to getting to your goal. As you change, how your made-up changes too. A regular body composition reading will measure and assess the tissue and fluid distribution in our body. The body is moulded into a number of tissue and fluid filled compartments. Our analysis breaks each of these compartments down to give back and extremely accurate reading of your progress.


One 2 One Coaching

One-2-One Wellness Coaching is very successful.
*costs on follow up visits are less. certificate not included.


Healthy Eating Lifestyle Plan

12 Week Course - Certification Included

Our H.E.L.P course is a group learning and class based environment. Groups work best together to achieve their goals. This is our most successful program.
*costs are €395 per person. course caters for a maximum of 12 people. this ensures everyone gets the best coaching and training.


Small Group Coaching

12 Week Course - Certification Included

Ideal for couples, family and friends to attend privately.
*costs are €395 per person. 12 Week Course - Certification Included




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