We absolutely love our clients & we get a real buzz from seeing them achieving their goals. Our philosophy is simple at WellnessCoach.ie. Everyone has the ability to be the best version of themselves.
Through accumulated years of bad dietary habits. We have created an unsustainable “diet culture”.
What we do is equip you with the right tools to make long lasting sustainable change. We have over 20 years experience helping people break their bad habits while at the same time create good ones.
Our wonderful clients experience bags of energy, renewed self confidence and all in all have a new outlook on life.
So why wait, be happy and live a fantastic healthy active lifestyle.


Jacinta Clare Whelan

I was recommended to use WellnessCoach.ie by my sister. I've tried many approaches to diets except this one, it has changed my life. WellnessCoach.ie have an amazing product. It gave me such a positive outcome such as weight loss, boost of energy and a big change in my metabolism. I would like to thank Pierce & Helen in this journey, I couldn't have done it without them.
Jacinta Clare Whelan Dublin, Ireland


Barry Armstrong

When I started going to wellnesscoach, I found it hard for the first few weeks just trying to adjust to not having big portions on my plate, not eating takeaways, not drinking fizzy drinks and that but once you get on the scales and the breakdown is explained. After a week or two you see what it's doing for you,  it gives you that push you need to say that you can do it! The big plus is having a wellnesscoach helping me to push more cause he believes that I can do it and get better results. 
This program has helped me feel better about myself and made me think that I can now go on and loose the weight I want to loose and be the best version of me.
Barry Armstrong Dublin, Ireland


Nigel Betts

I found the group environment a great way to stay motivated and on track. The support I received has changed my lifestyle completely. Pierce gave me the push and encouragement that I needed to make the first steps to living  more healthy active lifestyle. Highly recommended.
Nigel Betts Dublin, Ireland



My coach was always there for me, encouragement, hints and tips all the way. They were such a support. Amazing! Highly recommend.
Katie Dublin, Ireland

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